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The house that Fleur built

I will mangle your mind

Fleur Susannah
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Photo by amy_out_west with myself in a rare display of flesh and modelling.

Photo by _lady_scarlet_ when we swapped roles in the middle of a shoot in Brunswick.

Photo by fireflyfaery. Fine, maybe displays of flesh aren't all that rare after all.

She is Fleur.
She is 20.
She is a playwright.
She is a director.
She is a photographer.
She was a singer.
She is left wing.
She is a feminist.
She is a Humanist.
She studies at Monash, Clayton.
She can be quite nice.

And now, as you smell pineapples before you purchase them, I am gifting to you some of my favorite entries from the last two years of this journal. Go on: smell before you subscribe.


This is an essay on the perversion of the Australian media.


I am the queen of sex discussions via internet. This was my best effort. I know you, my dirty little monkeys, enjoy things of the sexual nature and so go and add your thoughts to this lovely discussion.

This is a brief history of the female orgasm.

Sex education is one of my passions so, here, have a discussion on sex ed.

A couple of old favorites:

Written while I was in China at the end of 2003. Of underwear and communism.

A strange little thing but please drop by and love it as you would your own child. Please click here!

Avec foi (with faith),
Fleur Susannah

Also, if you are interested in my photography visit my modelmayhem page. If you live in either South Australia or Victoria and would like to work with me, I am now asking an EXTREMELY modest fee of $100 which is little more then the cost of film processing (yes, i still use film). I have beautiful cameras, I love meeting new people and am generous with my time and skills. Look at my portfolio and see what you think. I love to make people feel beautiful and to turn the everyday into art.

I am the creator of gertie_holster, which you may like to investigate. While there is no denying that Gertie is a made up character and the basic purpose of this journal is so that I can write without being confined by such irritating details as 'truth' and 'accuracy'. There is a bit of a plot but it kind of reads like a collection of short shorties, heavily influenced by the left-wing bohemians in my life and magical realism. Please investigate her.

I have also created in_a_mask. This is for those people who do not want a journal of their own but still wish to comment. If you can be vouched for by another member of LJ or if you email me and ask nicely, I will give you the password for this and you may use this to comment with, provided you say who is behind the mask.

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